Jeff Achen is owner, chief video producer and photographer at CallSign51. He is equally at home serving as part of a creative team or leading his own team of videographers and photographers on a wide range of photo, video, design and web projects.


After serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Thomas S. Gates (CG-51) and earning his B.A. in communications, Jeff served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. Upon his return, he completed an M.A. in communications and has since worked in television, print, multimedia journalism and as a digital marketing strategist.


Today Jeff channels his passion and visual storytelling expertise into his creative service company, CallSign51, named for the hull designation of the Navy ship on which he served.


Jeff genuinely loves to serve others. He has always been inclined to work for service organizations and those people and institutions dedicated to civic engagement, community building, peace and conflict management.


Jeff lives in Farmington, Minn., with his wife and business partner Jenny and their three children, Kaitlyn, Avery and Noah. 


Paul Riedner is a strategist, storyteller, and former Army Diver. Think of him as a deep sea diver with an MBA, diving deep and fast into your business to identify opportunities to leverage digital storytelling, video production, or tech strategies to solve business problems.

After serving in the military, Paul earned an MBA from the University of Minnesota, studied audio & video production at the Institute of Production and Recording, and created numerous veteran focused community programs. 

As executive director of the Veteran Resilience Project, Paul successfully influenced the Veterans Health Administration to change a federal policy using a strategic marketing communications campaign to educate and engage the public, through various marketing channels.

Paul lives in Minneapolis with his wife and their three children. Fun facts: Paul delivered their third child in their car, received his Carleton College diploma from President Clinton, and once made Warren Buffet do push ups. 


Jenny is an administrative assistant with CallSign51 as well as Jeff's business partner and wife. Jenny has a B.A. in communications, is a licensed esthetician, and has served as a tennis coach and pro at Lifetime Fitness. 

In addition to her work with CallSign51, she's a full-time mother to Kaitlyn, Avery and Noah.


Provide the best creative services at a fair price.

Succeed at the expense of no-one.

Treat customers as peers.

Use our voice and talents in the service of others to inspire positive change.

Prioritize happiness over money.


Final Cut Pro X + Motion

Scriptwriting + editing + storyboarding

Adobe Illustrator



360˚ Video

Adobe Indesign

Voice-over work

Adobe Premiere Pro

Public Speaking

Basic Web Design + Hosting

Marketing strategy


Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser