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360º VIDEO

We tie 360º video directly to business goals. Employee training, virtual tours or a customized customer experience, there are many uses beyond the obvious novelty of 360º video. Here are some examples:

A nature organization wants to bring the experience of the Boundary Water Wilderness Area to their fundraising gala attendees. 360º video allows them to have a VR headset with an immersive experience of the wilderness right at their event.

A hospital wants to orient maintainence staff to the maintenance spaces and equipment locations. 360º allows trainees to use their phones, computers or a VR headset to look around a space to better familiarize themselves with the locations of critical equipment.

A warehouse wants to training staff on the process, flow and locations of product entering and leaving the facility. 360º video allows employees to use a phone, computer or VR headset to immerse themselves in work areas to better familiarize themselves with overall operations.

A realtor wants to allow a potential client to virtually tour a property. 360º video allows homebuyers to better experience the scale and layout of a home from the comfort of their phone, computer or personal VR headset.  

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